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Ordner FC Schalke 04

With a filling height of approx. 25 mm this binder has enough place for your sheets. The royal blue binder with 2D ring mechanics is in DIN A4.

Sammelmappe FC Schalke 04

In this folder is enough place for your copybooks and loose paper. The royal blue folder from cardboard is in DIN A4.

Fleece Gloves Kids

These gloves of the FC Schalke 04 are optimally cut on the needs of an effectual training and are suitable of course also as winter gloves in the spare time very well. The black gloves are available in the sizes XXS to XS.

Romme-Spiel FC Schalke 04

The FC Schalke 04 rummy/canasta/bridge card game is a play fun for the whole family, contains 2x 55 playing cards as well as the play instructions for all 3 games.

Sparschwein FC Schalke 04

With this piggybank with a beanie, the money can be taken by an elastic stopper at the underside. Royal blue, white savings box exists of porcelain and is approx. 12x10cm big.

Haargummi 3er Set Schalke 04
Scrunchie 3er Set

The spiral hair rubber comes in a 3er set, with in each case different design. Also a perfevt gift.

Tintenlöscher 2er Pack Schalke
Ink Eraser

2er pack

Schreibhefte 3er Set Schalke
Copybook 3er Set

DIN A4 copybooks checked in 3er set from paper

Radiergummi Logo Schalke 04
Rubber Logo

White-blue rubber with S04 logo print and a diameter of approx. 5 cm.

Buntstifte 12-er Set Schalke
Crayon 12er Set

Pupils and painting fans paid attention! Approx. 17 cm long coloured pencils of wood in a set of 12 with FC Schalke 04 writing is now here available.

Mousepad FC Schalke 04 Signet

The royal blue-white mousepad with logo and slide-firm underside has a diameter of approx. 20 cm and is the ideal desk accessories for every S04 fan.

Schultüte FC Schalke 04

Size: approx. 81,5 x 55 x 0,4 cm (LxWxH)

€7.95 €4.00
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Funktionsjacke Fleece Funktionsjacke Fleece
69,95 € 40 €
Parka Winter black Parka Winter black
129,95 € 99 €
Heim-Trikot Heim-Trikot
84,95 € 59,95 €
Ausweich-Trikot grün Ausweich-Trikot grün
84,95 € 59,95 €
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